Spaceworks Spotlight

Our new blog series illuminates the participants of our Creative Enterprise program who are learning the next steps in their journey. Spaceworks Spotlight tells inspiring stories of our alumni who are making Tacoma economically strong and culturally vibrant.


Grit City Grindhouse

Grit City Grindhouse owner Bobby Boyle shows customer skateboard trucks

Grit City Grindhouse is a destination spot for quality supply and unmatched customer service from skateboards to longboards. Owners, Taylor Woodruff and Bobby Boyle, invite you to come and play. [Read Full Story]

Side x Side Creative

Mary Holste and Erik Hanberg of Side x Side Creative
Side x Side Creative designer Mary Holste and writer Erik Hanberg display logo they designed for Harvest Pierce County

Mary Holste started out as an independent graphic artist. Together with writer Erik Hanberg they built a successful design company in Tacoma. But with Spaceworks property connections and business coaching program they broadened horizons and put their business on the map. [Read Full Story]


Adrienne Wicks and Jeff Libby of birdloft
Adrienne Wicks and Jeff Libby are the artists behind birdloft, a custom furniture design studio

Using reclaimed wood and discarded tree trunks, birdloft designers Adrienne Wicks and Jeff Libby build beautiful furniture. After moving to Tacoma, they branched out from selling online to a retail store. [Read Full Story]

Tease Chocolates

Artisans Julie & Topher applied to Spaceworks Tacoma to open a kitchen but in the city of destiny the reality was better than the dream. [Read Full Story]

The Arts & Crafts Press

With unique approach to letterpress Yoshiko Yamamoto crafts cost-effective, Japanese woodblock style notecards, bringing art to our homes.  [Read Full Story]


 RR Anderson had a big dream, to open a junk shop. Together with wife Darcy they sell alternative art supplies and inspire sustainable craft and inventions.  [Read Full Story]


Tacoma non-profit offers creative writing workshops and summer camps to provide educational experiences and academic assistance to youth who experience poverty.Tacoma non-profit offers creative writing workshops and summer camps to provide educational experiences and academic assistance with focus on youth who experience poverty.  [Read Full Story]

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This Spotlight series includes Spaceworks’ alumni that joined the Creative Enterprise Tier III program that provides one-on-one coaching, peer-to-peer support, and a small business grant for growing businesses. This program has received generous support from and is powered by:

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