Are you ready to move your art or business to the next level? The Spaceworks Coworking program provides affordable studio and office spaces for artists and entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and — perhaps most importantly — meet other makers and collaborators.

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1120 Downtown

Launched in March 2015, 1120 Downtown is a coworking space on the second floor of 1120 Pacific Avenue with twelve studios, 2,000 sq/ft shared space for events, and a lot of heart. Check out this video summarizing our first year in the space.

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1120 Hilltop

Opened in November 2017, 1120 Hilltop is a coworking space located at 1120 S. 11th with 5 spaces for artists, businesses, and organizations committed to operating in the Hilltop neighborhood.

Featured Coworking Participants

Frankly Cinematics
Jason Farris and Cooper Farris

Frankly Cinematics is a full-service creative studio specializing in end to end delivery of film, television and brand media. (more…)

Schnelluloid Film
Isaac Olsen

Film maker, animator, and artist Isaac Olsen creates rockumentaries, cell animations, and art exhibits using nostalgic technology formats from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. He dives deep into dark, dusty archives of local video footage, photographs, and memorabilia to commemorate otherwise discarded stories… or create new ones.

Artist Studio
Chelsea O’ Sullivan

Chelsea O’ Sullivan has worked on numerous murals across Tacoma, and last summer completed a beautiful mural on the Tacoma Buddhist Temple as part of the Tacoma Murals Project. See her art on Facebook.

Destiny City Music Collective
Ken Jacobsen

Destiny City Music Collective aims to engage the community in music through education and performance. (more…)

1120 Downtown tenants:




    • Studio 205: available


    • Studio 206: available
    • Studio 207: Adrian Milanio, music production
    • Studio 208: Frankly Cinematics, film studio –


    • Studio 209: available




  • Studio 212: Ricky German, fashion designer