Spaceworks Incubator Training Program

Spaceworks alumni having a panel discussion with the Creative Enterprise class of 2015. The alumni offer in depth stories, perspective, and advice on running a creative business in Tacoma. Photo by Kris Crews

Since launching in 2013, nearly 100 entrepreneurs have gone through the Spaceworks Creative Enterprise Training program.


Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise Training Program provides participants with the tools, resources and support they need to start a small business or non-profit in Tacoma, as well as build community through peer support and exchange. Participants will not only be prepared to run the various aspects of their business, but also will be able to interact with and take full advantage of resources and partners in the local community.

  • The training program includes assignments, panel discussions, guest speakers and specialized presentations.
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship occurs between participants and business owners in the community.
  • Access to content experts is provided at free or reduced rates, such as lawyers, tax accountants, retail sales consultants, etc.

The program takes place in evening sessions over a course of 3 months. Lessons include crafting your vision, branding, market analysis, funding, partnership agreements, choosing a business structure, licenses & permits, insurance, leasing, how to approach property owners, financial management, trademarks & copyrights, pricing your product/service, marketing, merchandising, and finally… how to pitch your business (photos below).

The entrepreneur training culminates with each participant giving a rapid fire, 3 minute presentation on their business and business model. This presentation is delivered before a panel of local experts who then ask the crucial questions, and provide feedback.

We are excited to announce entrepreneurs of 2017!

Spring 2017

Baird Textile & Sundry

Ericka Baird & Noah Baird
Sewing haven, focused on clothing

Sabot Woodworks

Zach Bernard
Heirloom quality wood furniture

Burns Violins

Michael Burns
Full-service stringed instrument shop specializing in the service and sales of violins, violas, cellos, bows, cases and accessories.

Shanti – Yoga.Sound.Dance

Christina Felty |
Harmonizing lives through active health, meditation and creative connection

Uplift Yoga & Healing Arts

Anna Gildenhar |
Aerial yoga, sound healing pracitioner & Thai yoga therapist

Renaissance 21

LeShawn Gamble |
Renaissance 21 (R21) is a modern resolution to racial inequity in art, a small firm that integrates visual art with community causes and awareness campaigns. R21 produces and sells unique, customized art for and through a variety of mediums. In addition, we produce shows and galleries that showcase our own pieces as well as those from our youth-based art program.


Erica Johnson |
A small batch operation of local canned goods. Mostly pickled, but I do occasionally produce small batch jams and fruits from locally sourced farms.


Tacoma Aikikai

Ea Murphy |
Aikido: 1) the way of peace 2) a modern Japanese martial art
Dojo: 1) a place of the way 2) training hall for martial arts

The Green Wardrobe – Sustainable & Stylish Fashion

Kirsten Reynolds
Consignment store business model focused on up-cycling, renewing, reusing, and giving fashionable clothes a new home

Jade & Co. Succulent Boutique

Jeanne Serrano |
Succulents, terrariums, and workshops