Gallery Space & Amenities

The 950 gallery is located at 950 Pacific Ave. Suite 205, although it really sits right on the corner of 11th and Commerce in downtown Tacoma with large windows facing both 11th and Commerce streets. The space is approximately 1,000 square feet, with approximately 150 feet of wall space for hanging art. In addition, there is a separate video room (100 sq. ft.) equipped with projector and speakers that serves well for showcasing video work and/or installation.

Space Layout
Click here for an overhead diagram with measurements

The lobby entrance has the title of the exhibit, one wall (10ft wide) for artwork, and a space for tables and gathering during receptions. This lobby also gives access to four other businesses/organizations.

The gallery is mostly lit with overhead florescent bulbs. Spaceworks has clamp lights available for additional custom lighting, but we have only have certain spaces they can be placed due to fire code.

Video/Installation Room
The gallery has a video/installation room (approx 100 sq. ft.) with a projector, DVD player, and speakers. This room may be used to display video work that can run on loop throughout the gallery hours. The room also works well for installation art, or could be used for additional wall space to hang art.

The gallery has 6 white box pedestals (various sizes), one white box platform (3ft x 4ft x 1ft), 3 short/square cherry wood pedestals, 3 tall round burnt wood (with a clear coat) pedestals, numerous plexi glass vitrines, and two square black tables suited for display.

Vinyl Lettering
The gallery can provide custom vinyl letters for the exhibit title, to be installed under the 950 gallery logo in the front lobby space.

Touch up paint of the matching white color will be provided by the gallery. If artist chooses to paint or draw a large area directly on the wall, they will have to purchase the matching white color and paint over their piece at the end of the exhibit. The gallery will begin white before each show, and must return to white after each show.

The gallery has a step ladder, medium ladder, and tall ladder, along with an assortment of other basic tools. Hanging or installation hardware is the responsibility of the artist or curator.


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