Mural Cost Calculator

A free tool, developed by Spaceworks Tacoma, to generate a mural cost estimate. In addition, it can be used as a guide for planning and negotiations between all parties.

This calculator is intended as a planning tool, to guide conversations between the artists, funders, planners, and property owners. This is just an estimate. The final costs may differ, as the prices of materials and equipment vary based on location, inflation, and availability. This is version 1.0 and like any tool, it is a continual process of making improvements. Spaceworks is open to feedback on ‘sharpening’ this fantastic tool!


Work your way down the rows, filling out your answer in the yellow column. The first row asks you to determine a level of complexity based on a series of factors. Then you work your way down the rows, each one taking into account the basic budget items to consider for creating and maintaining a mural. On the far right of each row is an explanation that will help guide your answers. The row for “Artist Factor” is where the budget can be right sized to account for the artist’s experience level, or any other factors that we have not included in the calculator.

This mural cost calculator is an Excel spreadsheet. The file can be opened with Excel, or through Google Sheets.

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