High Blood: Presented by The Culture Shock Collective

Nov 17, 2016 – Dec 15, 2016 


High Blood: Presented by The Culture Shock Collective

HIGH BLOOD was a provocative and thought-provoking new exhibit curated by The Cultureshock Collective. The artists used various formats including painting, photography, video and mixed media installation to examine how race, sex/gender, politics and heritage weave through their daily lives and mold their identities.

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Anida Yoeu Ali, The Red Chador, 3-panel window mural, 89 x 51.5 in, 89 x 85.75 in, 89 x 51.5 in.
Anida Yoeu Ali, “The Red Chador”, 3-panel window mural, 89 x 51.5 in, 89 x 85.75 in, 89 x 51.5 in.

Collaborators Clarissa Gines and Rose Mathison graduated the Spaceworks Creative Enterprise Tier I program in Spring ’16 to start their collective with goal of providing opportunities for artists of diverse and/or marginalized backgrounds and showcasing their work to promote to open discussion, engagement, and growth. Among their other projects was a postcard exhibit Sense of Place, debuted at 1120 Creative House,  which limited local artists to small canvases of 4×6″ while portraying their experiences of living in the Pacific Northwest.

Viviann (V.) Le Nguyen, -- in between --, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, medium format (120MM) photograph, 18 x 14 in.
Viviann (V.) Le Nguyen, “in between”, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, medium: 120MM photograph,18 x 14 in.

In HIGH BLOOD, a term rooted in Filipino slang meaning “to feel angry, frustrated”, Culture Shock invited artists to address and explore issues that give them high blood in the context of their own lived experiences – race, gender, sexuality, and politics – by taking that frustration and manifesting it into works that created understanding and solace.

From the curators, Clarissa Gines and Rose Mathison:

Given the current social climate that we are in, HIGH BLOOD seeks to remediate the frustration disenfranchised communities face when moving about through this world. These artists examine the various hot topics that weave through intersections of their identity, and address how their experiences of adversity has strengthened them and their communities.” (read more on thecultureshockcollective.com)

Asia Tail, Double Dog, oil on canvas, 48 x 48 in.
Asia Tail “Double Dog”, oil on canvas, 48 x 48 in.

The show featured works by Tacoma and Seattle artists of color many of whom were also recipients of Grants for Artist Projects from Artists Trust as well as Foundation of Art Award nominees. The show opened during Tacoma Art Walk on third Thursday, November 17th, at Spaceworks Gallery with reception and musical ambiance provided by DJ Press Play of Red Scarf Revolution.


  • Anida Yoeu Ali
  • Mónica Mendoza-Castrejón
  • Raychelle Duazo
  • Julz Palad Soriano Ignacio
  • Lauren Iida
  • Lourdes Jackson
  • Satpreet Kahlon
  • Yoona Lee
  • Nahaan
  • Cathy Nguyen
  • Viviann (V.) Le Nguyen
  • Saiyare Refaei
  • Alex Schelhammer
  • Kenji Stoll
  • Masahiro Sugano
  • Asia Tail
  • Tara Tamaribuchi
  • Dion Thomas

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Anida Yoeu Ali, The Red Chador, 3-panel window mural, 89 x 51.5 in, 89 x 85.75 in, 89 x 51.5 in.