Architect of a Life

These warped cranes investigate the impact of reflections on the sense of self, whether through the eyes of another or upon inner contemplation.
Streetside Artscape:
Erika Norris / Architect of a Life
Courthouse Square, 1102 ‘A’ St.
December 31, 2016 –  March 16, 2017


Erika states “Partly autobiographical, my artwork is motivated by a lifelong interest in the ambiguous nature of identity; navigating the tenuous place between internal and external expectations and the struggle for self-definition. In essence, my work is about the pursuit to understand, define, and convey one’s own self and existence. I purposefully choose not to represent the human form in my artwork. Rather than drawing the figure directly, my exploration into the self looks at identity through environment and embodiment. I build obscurity in my works by intentionally distorting, omitting, manipulating, chewing, or displacing my subjects. Recently, I have been interested in reflections, in both the metaphorical and literal sense.”