Dancing to the Sun

“My art is a celebration of life rooted in nature and curiosity…’

Streetside Artscape:
Mauricio Robalino // Dancing to the Sun

11th & Broadway
July 2023 – December 2023

“My art is a celebration of life rooted in nature and curiosity. I came upon my art during my childhood while looking at pictures, playing with mud, sticks, and electricity. When my family went on a long ocean voyage to a new home on a different continent, I began drawing my ocean adventure. This instantly became my go-to escape in life. In my new home I learned to love building model airplanes, ships, and cars. Later when I went to university to study business administration, I discovered that I needed to stay curious, and creative to become fully human. Making art came to the rescue. Since then, I have focused my creativity through my vision, and my sense of touch. When I make a drawing, I open a door to infinite possibilities. I do not know where it will lead, but I sense that time seems to stop, and my abilities expand.
Mi arte es una celbración de mi vida natural y curiosa. Yo me conocí con mi arte durante mi niñez mientras yo miraba dibujos, jugaba con electricidad, lodo y palos. Cuando mi familia tomo un viaje de mar muy largo para irnos a vivir en otro continente descubrí el amor por la pintura.
Descubrí que al dibujar yo enfocaba mi creatividad y exploraba mi imaginación. Cuando dibujo, yo abro una puerta a un universo de posibilidades infinitas. ¡Me encanta tocarle al mundo, mirarlo y reflejarlo mientras me divierto como mago!”


You can find more of Mauricio’s work at www.artpeople.com


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