Defiant Candle Company

Defiant Candle Company creates beautifully scented natural soy candles that are hand-poured into locally salvaged glass bottles.

Born and raised in Tacoma Washington, Jamie Michele has always had an artistic soul. Her love of art and creative expression, drove her to establish her own small business. She wanted a way to give back to the city that shaped who she is and what she values. After discovering that Tacoma’s glass (along with various paper and plastic) is sold and shipped over seas for recycle processing she decided find a way to reduce waste. Inspired to find ways to help her hometown reuse and repurpose what is otherwise considered garbage, Jamie began salvaging beer & wine bottles from the community to use as unique vessels for her candles. Defiant Candle Company helps to keep bottles out of landfills and does it’s small part to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting across the ocean.

Defiant Candle Company is committed to providing high quality hand made goods, while simultaneously promoting the philosophy “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Each bottle is collected, cut and hand sanded by Jamie in her studio. This special care ensures that each product is not only made with great attention to detail, they are also made with love!




Defiant Candle Company / Jamie Williams

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