Expectations of Strength

A mural, located on 11th and Broadway, encouraging  viewers to look past their expectations of others in order to gain a larger understanding of who they really are.

Streetside Artscape:
Odette Allen // Expectations of Strength

11th & Broadway
June 2022 – August 2022

I created this piece in late May as a nod to Pride month. My work often plays with our expectations: using images of plants or animals that present one way, but have more dynamic natures than their appearance would suggest. This piece includes a collection of hunting birds because most birds are thought of as small and delicate; but this does not stop them from also being fierce, powerful, and worthy of respect. I think it’s important to look beyond our expectations of the people and beings around us to see who or what is really there. My work gives voice to that complexity and opens the door for all of us to redefine how we see each other a little bit.



See more of Odette’s work at www.apiaryartanddesign.com


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