Fibrous Body

Fibrous Body is an imagined landscape of the emotional body. Thread and fiber connect the complex emotional space of humans to the inner workings of their biology.

Streetside Artscape:
Amanda Triplett / Fibrous Body
Woolworth Windows 4&5, 11th & Broadway
December 31, 2016 –  March 16, 2017

Individual sculptures within the installation represent different emotional states and as a collective, they resonate, collaborate, and collide. Just as the space is layered with different fibers, human biology is layered with latent emotional states.

Making art in the space where fine art and craftwork intersect, Amanda creates sculptural fiber works that play with ideas around body, identity, and emotion. She takes discarded fiber and transforms it into biologically-inspired, organic sculptures. Playing with the organic quality of fabric, she manipulates, layers and embroiders the materials into new formations, revealing the feeling stories formerly locked within the discarded materials.