She’s Had Enough

An art installation where 4 female figures are being measured, judged, put on a saintly pedestal, sexually objectified, and burning a multitude of candles at both ends. The artist comments that “It is tiring. She has had enough. It is time for a change now.”

Streetside Artscape:
Jennifer Chin
She’s Had Enough

Woolworth Window #1, 11th & Commerce
Aug 16 – Nov 15, 2018


She’s Had Enough” statement:

Oddly, this is a Dickensonian time. It’s the best and the worst. It feels like this time change will happen; like it’s really different this time around. But it also feels hateful and a bit hopeless with all the inequities we face as a society. Perhaps it’s time to step back and look at a basic need and some not so simple issues that surround it.

The equal rights amendment needs just one more state to ratify it (Washington state ratified the ERA back in 1973). You’d think in this day and age, something like this would have already passed or wouldn’t be needed. A prime example of just how critical this gap is, are the comments of the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, who affirmed the Constitution doesn’t outlaw discrimination based upon gender or orientation. Without equal protection, gnarly issues have a way of creeping into our neighborhoods.

Take the “Pink Tax” for instance. Thousands of products are marketed specifically to women and are identical to men’s versions save for packaging (pink instead of blue) and price (about 7% more). To add insult to injury, feminine hygiene products are subject to sales tax in most states, Washington included. The other end of this nasty tightening vice is the continuing wage gap between men and women.

On average women make 20% less than white, non-Hispanic men; for the same job, with the same level of responsibilities and experience. All Mom’s compared to all Dad’s is even worse – Mom makes 30% less than Dad. The most egregious example is Latina women, who make just 54 cents for every $1 a man makes. Mix in the propensity for a salary history of low wages to lock in lower salary futures, the issue becomes thornier.

Inside this tightening vice are women, being measured, judged, put on a saintly pedestal, being sexually objectified, burning a multitude of candles at both ends. It is tiring. She has had enough. It is time for a change now.

Artist Bio:

Since childhood, Jennifer Chin has been asking “Why” and “What if.” Her quest to find the deeper meaning hidden beneath a slurry of “because” led her to the technology sector. Computers work along a golden thread of logical and defined connections. She observed that humans struggle with the nuance “do what I want” versus “do what I ask.” Exploration of this discord through paint, collage, and printmaking has been her inspiration ever since. There is logic in the chaotic network around us, and it is beautiful. 

Jennifer Chin was born in Seattle, WA. Painting and collage are Jennifer’s primary focus. She also hand pulls relief and monotype prints as well as enjoys the immediacy of Instagram. In 1995 Jennifer completed a BA in Art from the University of Washington. Her paintings and prints are included in private collections across the US. Jennifer currently lives and works in Tacoma, WA USA.

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