Spaceworks Tacoma presents Liminal, a fully immersive art installation by Tyler Budge at the 950 Gallery.


Exhibit Duration
Nov 7 – Dec 19, 2019

Opening Reception
Nov 21, 5 – 9PM

Spaceworks Tacoma presents Liminal, a fully immersive art installation by Tyler Budge at the 950 Gallery.

Our paths are filled with liminal moments- doorways/thresholds that transport us from a structured understanding of where and who we are to an undefined space. Belden Lane, in his book Landscapes of the Sacred explains it as; “The experience of movement involved in having left one place, one conventional state of being, and not yet having arrived at another. One is caught “betwixt and between”… Such threshold experiences force us to question old identities and entertain new ones.”


Liminal is a multi-media installation that explores these transient moments. The space is found under construction, divided into smaller rooms by classic wood house framing construction. One is confronted with familiar structures, while maneuvering thru framed doorways and glancing thru framed windows. Expectations are curbed by contradiction — the outside is structured, predetermined, confined and orderly, but the interiors are vast, open vistas — serene yet placeless. The interior spaces speak of possibility, yet provide no destination. Fans blow dozens of tiny orange windsocks into a spinning swarm of confusion. One is left directionless, not knowing which way the wind will take them.

Tyler Budge received his BFA from Utah State University and his MFA from Illinois State University with an emphases in sculpture. His works reference metaphors represented by objects or images to autobiographically address personal experience. His work has addressed infertility, site displacement, reconciliation with self and the constructs of gender thru site-specific installation, kinetic sculpture and video projection. As an artist, Tyler questions the meaning of making, the role of art in society and its power to create change in the self and/or community. Tyler currently teaches at University of Washington Tacoma.



Every Thursday 1-5PM
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950 Pacific Ave. Suite 205
Tacoma, WA (entrance on 11th)

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