The Modern Cottage Co.

Looking for a bit of unstudied, retro style for your home? Head over to the Modern Cottage – owner and decorating whiz, Alison Bryan, has the artist’s touch when it comes to refreshing old-school pieces so they look just right for today. She can even give some of your old favorites new life! Alison’s showroom is full of great finds at a fraction of the price of conventional furniture.  At the end of her successful 6-month Spaceworks term (January 16 – July 15, 2012) at 311 S. 7th St., she was able to transition into a new space at 765 Broadway with a new name, “Poppy & Co.” and new partners. Poppy & Co. was a co-op of local furniture stylists – three women all with different styles. Poppy & Co. lived downtown for nearly two years until Alison decided to go it alone in a new location in Old Town featuring furniture, gifts, vintage home décor and more!

The Modern Cottage Co. / Alison Bryan
2011 Cohort 

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