One Love Stand

Lauren states “In my current body of work I look at the idea of excess, when images of excess become meaningless and fall into the realm of pattern. 

Streetside Artscape:
Lauren Boilini / One Love Stand 
Woolworth Window 2, 11th & Broadway
August 18 – November 17, 2016

“This idea of gluttony is reflected in our current culture. We are a hedonistic society, always looking for more until the more we are looking for loses its meaning. This installation was created as a backdrop for an artist book I am currently working on. I received a GAP grant from Artist Trust to publish a small book of drawings that provide context to a large body of work. The book tells the back-story behind a series of paintings I have created over the past 6 years. This installation follows a similar commission through the Shunpike Storefronts Project in Seattle, continuing to develop a landscape in which the book of drawings can find context.”