Organic Inclusivity

Organic Inclusivity is comprised of images created by members of the L’Arche Tahoma Hope Community, where people with and without developmental disabilities share life based on mutual relationships.

Streetside Artscape:
Megan Bent in partnership with L’Arche Tahoma Hope Community / 
Organic Inclusivity
Woolworth Window #3, 11th & Broadway
Sep 17 – Dec 3, 2015

The photographic processes for this installation (cyanotype, solargraphy, chlorophyll prints, and lomography) were chosen to symbolize the values of the life we live in community. In the lives at L’Arche, beauty is found in the everyday occurrences: sharing meals, singing songs, and working alongside one another. Day-to-day, what one person might consider mundane might be a major victory for another. The photographic processes are pared down and inclusive; they are also processes that require time and patience. It can takes 2-3 days for one image to be created. In a world where the pace of life and activity is ever increasing we aim to shine a light on the importance of slowing down and appreciating the journey as much as the destination