Say My Name

“Say My Name” is an installation based on the true story of a woman named Margaret who, in the 1960’s, lived and worked in a flooded apartment with a dolphin named Peter and tried to teach him to say her name.

Streetside Artscape:
Marisa Vitiello & Beate Liepert / Say My Name
Woolworth Window #1, 11th & Commerce
May 21, 2015 – August 20, 2015








The story, featured on an episode of Radiolab, provokes a multitude of questions: Must ego always be a part of everything we do? What happens when we try to cross boundaries between animals and humans? And what exists in the place at the border between what is real and what is fantasy?

Collaborators Marisa Vitiello and Beate Liepert bring to their process a combination of art and science. Vitiello, an artist and educator, and Liepert, and artist and climate researcher, engage in their work through a combination of intentionality and spontaneity, where images are “discovered” as often as they are planned. The two believe strongly in the value of experimentation, messiness, and letting go of the things they are most attached to, in order to find what lies beneath them.