to: europa

“always be doodling.
always be speculating.
always be lusting.”

Streetside Artscape:
Alexander Keyes /to:europa
Woolworth Window 1, 11th & Broadway
Dec 31, 2015 – Mar 17, 2016

Alexander Keyes states “If I follow these rules, I will make more art. I will make more work about the escapist desires of the amateur and the fantastic narratives of the day dreamer. If I follow these rules, I will not be worried about making beautiful art. Rather I will make more work of unfettered creation embracing the scars of my labor and the mistakes of my hand. If I follow these rules, I am given permission to play in the studio, crafting narratives about making rocket ships and going to the moon. The reward for good work is more work. And I want to keep working.”