TRANSFORM: Theater District Culture & Transportation Plan

Spaceworks Tacoma, with the support of the City of Tacoma, is hosting a series of outreach and activation events to engage the public in the development of a theater District culture and transportation plan.

Special Projects:
Spaceworks Tacoma / TRANSFORM: Theater District Culture & Transportation Plan
9th to 11th streets, between Broadway and Pacific Ave., Tacoma, WA 98402
August 2017 – September 2018

TRANSFORM is a community engagement project with a series of artistic and community events organized by Spaceworks Tacoma. The project, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, aims to raise awareness of Tacoma’s Theater District and to highlight opportunities for creative use of public spaces within its footprint. Pierce TransitCity of Tacoma, and Broadway Center for Performing Arts are developing a plan to redesign the transportation and cultural hub that is framed by 9th and 11th streets, Broadway and Pacific Ave.

Learn more about TRANSFORM plan, new developments, and community events at

Learn more about TRANSFORM plan, new developments, and community events at

Spaceworks Tacoma


Featured Events 

Center for Lost and Found
Gabe Nordlund & Colin Andersen

The Center for the Lost and Found is a place to share stories of lost or found objects and spread them into the community. Come create your very own lost or found poster and the CLF artists will post them around town, to foster remembrance for those things we miss and are grateful for. (more…)

Artistic License Department
Gillian Nordlund

The Artistic License Dept. exists as a service to the public. Inspired by an obvious play on words its intentions are to encourage and support participants’ creativity and imagination.

In this performance, participants take a simple test based on fundamental aspects of art making as well as their own opinions. They are then issued an art making “license” upon completion of the test. (more…)

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