Painted directly on the wall, this stream of consciousness artwork serves as a sanctuary filled with ever flowing memories and emotions.

Zion Honan
On display Dec 2021 – May 2022

Located at 11th & Broadway
Funded by Tacoma Creates
Organized by Spaceworks Tacoma
Special thanks to property owner AT&T


“Unity with all that is alive. This painting is my interpretation of our connectedness to all things that exist in this world – our harmony, brilliance and essence all interconnected. The artwork is a stream of consciousness type of painting, where things just came to me as I made some strokes on the wall, but all within purpose.”

“I knew I wanted the trees to be a theme here, so I placed a few here and there, all having their own environment and meaning, but still existing in the same realm of reality. Trees to me symbolize unity because of their roots – how the roots burrow into the ground to receive life and give life; while life is happening all around them. They simply play an important role in our world.”

“The big square shape in the middle represents mental space, our own sanctuary filled with ideas ever flowing, our memories, emotions, and most importantly: our own space to create. I left this space mostly empty to demonstrate the importance of keeping a clear mind – while ideas are always flowing, we need to take care of our mental space, and make sure there is room for us to breathe and be; for life goes on with or without us, as demonstrated in the painting itself.”

– Zion Honan 



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