Welcome to Tacoma and the Memory of Old Japan Town

The mural is a temporary installation of a 360 degree murals which promotes the City of Tacoma on the street side, and Tacoma’s Cultural diversity through a Japanese Children’s Day scene on the pedestrian side.

Streetside Artscape:

Nori Kimura / Welcome to Tacoma and the Memory of Old Japan Town
S 13th & Market
July 2018-Present

Nori is a local Hilltop Artist who creates original greeting cards as well as murals. His subjects are always focused on loving and caring for children, families, communities and nature.

The mural on the kiosk is located at S. 13th and Market Street, a heart of downtown, and was the center of old Japan town until May 1942, when the Japanese-Americans had to leave Tacoma to go to the internment camps under the terms of Executive Order 9066.

Nori believes that Tacoma needs unity by loving and caring, inspired visual arts on the streets, to celebrate our city, and commemorate the history of old Japan Town. He wants the installation to bring smiles to passersby, promote pride in Tacoma, and bring children and families closer to Public Art.

He thanks student painters for their help on the mural:  Satoko N. Kimura, Hanna M. Grinstead, Gretchen E. Bonea, Taytum L. Magill, Aubriana Currah, Jacob L. Jones, & Hayley R. Byers


See more of Nori’s work at https://monkey-3-productions.square.site/


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