Creative Enterprise Roster

Spaceworks is working with an impressive roster of innovative projects that are filling vacant storefronts throughout Tacoma. Click here to see the projects that have found a home. Below are projects we plan to find space for in 2016:

Tara Brown
Sunday Morning Coffee featuring Cora Coffee Roasters

Sean Patrick Burke, Erik Bernard and Adam Hobbs
Have Not Films

Silong Chhun
Red Scarf Revolution

Clarissa Gines and Rosemary Mathison
The Culture Shock Collective

Stella Kemper and Rebecca Parson
Ogden Pens

Stephanie Lile
Bering Street Studio

Martha Lucas and Janelle Abbott
This Then That

Christina Murray
Explore It Scavenger Hunts

Richard and Clemmie Penton
Sky Movement Creative

Jessica Prindel
Tacoma Thrift and Consignment

Erika Ray

Kellie Richardson
Brown Betty

Christina Hughes & Tim Samland
Working Class Theater Northwest

Carrie Foster and Bob Jewell
Shroom Brothers Studio

Jayme Lillie and Lija Silvers
Inamorata Studio

Julie and Topher Farrell
Feral Kitchen Co.

MountainHouse Recordings
Jesse Goodrum & Andrew Nalty

Tawni Bell
Bellini Folk School

Tim & April Norris
Tim + April

Christian Hamilton
Seattle Sound Live

Hans and Shunte Fleurimont
Nuart Media Group

Ken Jacobsen
Destiny City Music Collective

Kimberly Swetland 
Mecene International Art Gallery

Mackenzie Putscher
Pepper Pot Cosmetics

Michael Laine

Terese Cuff
Blue Melon Productions

Rick  Walters
Warrior Film Project