'fly' craft boutique coming soon

“Craft” means different things to different people. To Jennifer Adams, an artist, teacher, mom and creative entrepreneur, it encompasses everything from beauty, utility and re-use to irony and eclecticism. Later this month, Adams is opening fly, an indie craft boutique at a Spaceworks Tacoma location to be determined.

Fans of renegade craft, and all things DIY, may already know Adams from her popular craft fair, “Tacoma is for Lovers,” founded in 2008. “This opportunity with Spaceworks Tacoma will allow me to expand the limits of the one-day fair,” she explains.

Jennifer Adams is expanding her craft fair model with an experimental retail gallery opening soon. Photo: Virginia Bunker

While she is still confirming the roster of artists who will exhibit at fly, Adams says that several will be favorites from TIFL: boutonnieres and corsages by Laurie Cinotto, jewelry by Miranda Pollitz, overdyed vintage napkins by Jessica Bender, and embroidered patches from Shannon Eakins, to name just a few.

Adams promises an assortment of handmade craft that you won’t see anywhere else. Mostly locally made craft—but not always. “The big thing is uniqueness and quality: I’m going to be picky,” she says. “And I’ve been hoping to get a kids’ line going, so we’ll see about that.”

Laurie Cinotto, an artist who makes pins, bouttonieres and corsages out of ribbon, felt and spun cotton, will be among the featured artists at fly boutique. Photo: Laurie Cinotto

As opening day approaches Adams has a lot on her plate, but she seems to handle it all with humor and to enjoy the hectic pace. Running an experimental retail gallery may even give her a chance to sit down for a second. She’s planning a casual hang-out area with a couch and a table in the back of the space where she, and other artists who work at the store, can focus on ongoing projects and be productive.

A big smile crosses her face as she maps-out the vision: “I have all of these ideas that will move forward as soon as I get the keys and start setting up. I can’t wait.”

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