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Summertime. With a slew of art sales and events taking place every weekend, we’d be immobilized by the choices if we didn’t have tips on the most interesting people and places to see. A sure bet: three Spaceworks pop-up stores that have been working it to fill their spaces with artfully crafted goods, and a gallery exhibit of chastity belts by artists (more on that later).

The dog days of summer

“I’m starting to feel at home in the downtown space, as is Gracie [the milkbone-flipping chocolate labrador] who has been doing some napping outside the shop in the sunshine,” says Pottery Annex owner, Susan Thompson. “The four hours in the afternoon that I’m here fly by and without the distractions at home, I’m finding I’m getting some real work done. Another thing that I love about the space is all the natural light.  My tools and equipment at home are in the basement, and though I’m lucky to have that space, it is dark and cold. I have sold some pots and enjoyed visiting with curious drop-ins so all in all my first week has been pleasant.” On Aug. 20-21, Thompson will host the Fourth Annual Summer Sale of Pottery at her home studio in Tacoma, featuring eight clay artists. Click on for details. Or visit The Pottery Annex, 913 Pacific Ave. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 1-5p.m.

Last week, Jennifer Adams had a soft opening for her store, fly, at 904 Broadway. This was huge news for fans of Tacoma is for Lovers, Adams’ brainchild and a much-loved event for connoisseurs of indie and D-I-Y design. We love the goods by local artists including Mirka Hokkanen and Laurie Cinotto and will be making fly a frequent stop. Call for hours: 253.314.8358.

Affordable temptations line the shelves at fly

Driving down Pacific Ave. one night, we were thrilled to see Tiffanie Peters’ boutique, Chiffon, glowing like a beacon of indie fashion, with a full selection of styles hanging on the walls like the art that it is. Peters has a long-distance commute to Tacoma from Shelton – besides working a daytime job – so Chiffon truly defines “labor of love.” We heard the siren’s call of her fantastic sterling silver necklaces – as big as airy, jangly bibs – and were glad, in a way, the shop was closed. At least until pay day. Chiffon, 915 Pacific Ave., Thurs.-Sun. 11-6.

Neon chastity belt with motion sensor by Galen McCarty Turner, 2009

Meanwhile, at Mineral (not a pop-up store, but a fixture at 301 Puyallup Ave. in the Dome District), owner and Spaceworks artist Lisa Kinoshita is setting up Access Denied: the 2010 Exhibit of Chastity Belts by Artists. Kinoshita says this year’s array of entries is “highly stimulating” and a “fantastic showcase for Northwest artists who looked at chastity from every conceivable angle, except the obvious one.” Look for wit and exceptional craftsmanship at this highly anticipated event, staged in a newly enlarged gallery space. Two preview events: Aug. 14, 11-5 and Aug. 19, 5-10; show runs through Oct. 9, 2010. Mineral, 301 Puyallup Ave. – Suite A, Tacoma, 253/250-7745. Summer hours: Thurs., Fri., Sat. 12-5. Running concurrently with Access Denied in the 301 Building (in Suite B), is Don’t Look, a boudoir vignette by Madera Architectural Elements (MAE), whose members are all Northwest artisans and fine craftsmen. For information on MAE, contact Lynn DiNino at 253/396-0774; In Suite C is the Val Persoon Gallery, featuring watercolor (

It’s going to be a hot summer.

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