October Forecast: More Art!

Fall arrived last night on the rays of a bright full moon. For those of you with a geeky, poetic streak (or an appointment to go fishing today), moonset occurred at 7:27a.m. this morning, and moonrise will take place at 6:47 this evening. Yes, from here on out for several months, Northwesterners will obsess over the waning light, the waxing cold – and hopefully, an autumn that stretches golden tendrils languorously into November.
It’s a blithe spirit who will conceptualize a large-scale art installation whose interactivity is partly dependent on a light-filled Northwest forecast. Olympia-based, Harvard-educated artist Alyson Piskorowski accepts the challenge. Starting Oct. 9, Piskorowski’s ambitious installation for Spaceworks Tacoma will fill the large exhibit space at the corner of 950 Pacific Ave. Using tracing paper to connect various points of the existing architecture, she will create “a dynamic stage for the light that constantly changes throughout the day. At some points the work will be completely illuminated by the sun while at other points artificial lighting will provide an alternate reading. By using commonplace materials in a simple geometric arrangement I hope to create an unexpected experience for passersby to enjoy.” Piskorowski says the use of a translucent material is key to her ethereal effects, which will be on display through Jan. 5, 2011. We suspect sundials never caught on around here, even in eons past – just so, we wish Alyson fair skies. Alyson Piskorowski, 950 Pacific Ave., Oct. 9, 2010 – Jan.5, 2011.

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