Don't Be a Zombie, Come to Spaceworks Tonight

The Raven, Justin Hillgrove's tribute to Edgar Allen Poe

Check out artist studios, installations, live theater, film and fashion tonight at Trick Art Treat. It’s all part of the Spaceworks Tacoma celebration from 5-7pm (and beyond). Grab a map at 913 Pacific Ave. and take your pick of events:

1114 Pacific Ave.
5pm – Photographer Joshua Everson invites scary visitors to have their Halloween portraits taken
5pm – Live painting by Michael Kaniecki, working on the world’s (okay, Tacoma’s) longest India ink painting
5pm – Meghan Lancaster displays her intricate textile art
5pm – Jennifer Adams with assorted D-I-Y products from fly
5:30pm – Free screening of Isaac Olsen‘s feature film, Quiet Shoes

915 Pacific Ave.
5-11pm – Chiffon Halloween party with live DJ; raffle for Tiffanie Peters jewelry

913 Pacific Ave.
5pm – Cheryl Rux and Nichole Vandever introduce Halloween piñatas created just for Spaceworks Tacoma
8pm – Preview of Titus Andronicus performed by Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

Sadly, a fire in the Subway shop at 11th & Broadway has caused smoke damage at the next-door art boutique, fly, which will be closed until further notice. We wish you a speedy return to Broadway, Jennifer and friends.

The Woolworth Building and new window installations in the theater district will be aglow tonight for your enjoyment! For a schedule of artists and events, click here.

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