Lights On at Personal Power Company

Art courtesy of PPC

On Friday, January 21, the Personal Power Company will open its doors for the first-ever concert held at a Spaceworks Tacoma venue!  The all-ages show features music by Slashed Tires, Allan Boothe, Seed, Margy Pepper and Battle Stations inside the Power Company’s über-cool venue. The concert starts at 7:30.

In other Power Company news, artist Dan Martin is leading a project to create alternative, directional “street signs.” Visitors are invited to pitch reflective sign messaging to be posted in locations TBD. We hope to finally pinpoint the intersection of “Hope” and “Give a Damn.”

Power Company member Jena Van-Stedtler specializes in D-I-Y educational events – one of the most intriguing is a how-to on cooking soulful and delicious family-style dinners on a recession budget.

Upcoming projects include a meditational music video featuring dance choreography by Joel Myers, and a children’s show scripted by Bridgett Nicol with animation by Kris Crews. Both projects feature music by PPC musicians: Allan Boothe of Humble Cub, Benjamin Paris of Ethereal Weeping, Nicolas Hartzell of Going Shopping, and Phil Harty of Smile for the Sky. Currently, photographer Drew Shapiro is collaborating with Crews and Nicol on the technical side of video production. Personal Power Company, 913 Pacific Ave. Contact: Kris Crews:

The digital cave. Photo courtesy of PPC.
Bridgett Nicol and Kris Crews find home, sweet home at the Personal Power Company. Photo courtesy of PPC.

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