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Self-portrait, by Sara Montour

Congratulations to three artists selected for 2011 Spaceworks Tacoma creative residencies: photographer Sara Montour, and graphic designers Jacqui and Scott Scoggin of Slide Sideways. By chance, all three artists moved to the Tacoma area in late 2009 – Montour from Minneapolis, the Scoggins by way of Seattle – hit it off at a dinner party, and quickly established themselves on the local scene. They will share a collaborative space at 913 Pacific Avenue from May through November.

Montour's non-traditional maternity photography

Sara Montour is a portrait photographer who brings a laser-like focus to her craft, couched in a laid-back attitude. “I’m a sucker for a great moment,” the University of Minnesota grad writes on her website. “Those split seconds that make you smile from the inside out.” Her wedding albums and individual portraits capture such quicksilver, behind-the-scenes moments, creating naturalistic images that endure.

Pop poster, by Slide Sideways.

Slide Sideways is the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo, Scott & Jacqui Scoggin. The design studio’s beautifully rendered, original screen prints were a standout at the (recently closed) indie boutique, fly, and can be found with a full line of artist products at their Etsy store.

“We founded Slide Sideways in 2009 with the desire to produce compelling visuals and connect with good people & organizations,” the duo explains on their website. “Our process is rooted in the age-old principles of design and craftsmanship, which usually involves us putting pencil to paper before even touching the computer. We’re inspired by everyday life and our surroundings and find great value in putting time and thought into each project.” Organic cotton tea towels artfully printed by hand, minimalist graphic tees and silk-screened sketchbooks are a few of the offerings on their Etsy site.

A graphic shout out by Slide Sideways.
The downtown residency of Slide Sideways and Sara Montour will mark an exciting addition to the Tacoma art map. “The goal for us [is] to have a communal workspace that allows the three of us to not only collaborate together in our different mediums” but have a professional space in which to take meetings, says Montour. A “visually awesome window display” is planned, as well as Third Thursday art walk openings and other events. Slide Sideways and Sara Montour Photography, 913 Pacific Avenue, May through November 2011 (exact dates TBA).

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