Music You Don't Have, But Should

Music You Don’t Have, But Should is a locally produced podcast featuring original music from independent artists from throughout the world. The show is celebrating its first year of introducing listeners to “music you don’t have, but should” with a special two-plus hour retrospective show on Saturday, April 7th. Tune in at

During its first year, Music You Don’t Have, But Should presented 24 episodes featuring independent musicians and bands from Australia, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, and Brazil, as well as from across the United States. Some of the indie artists closer to the Seattle-Tacoma area who will be featured on the April 7th show are Jeremy Serwer, Perry Acker, Ben Union, and Spaceworks artist Nate Dybevik, among others. The premise of the program “is to introduce independent regional artists who are well-known in their own areas to a greater, worldwide fanbase,” says producer Andy Hall. 

“The name of the podcast is Music You Don’t Have, But Should, and the name is self-explanatory,” says Hall, a Texas transplant, lifelong musician and the founder of South Sound Audio, which produces the program. “The show introduces original music from independent musicians and bands to a larger audience. I started the program last year because the more I worked with independent musicians, the more I realized many of them are every bit as talented as major-label acts and are deserving of wider attention. Very often, these are artists who are well-known in their area and have a regional fanbase, but are unknown elsewhere. I find their music more original and interesting, less formulaic, and more ‘from the heart’ than the corporate stuff pushed on us via radio and TV – stuff that we are told we should like….Feel free to listen to any of the 24 previous episodes!

“I would love to do an episode featuring the musicians of Tacoma, and will work on one for the coming year. I also want to try my hand at organizing a music festival or concert to showcase independent musicians and bands,” Hall says. Local musicians are invited to send audio clips to Hall brings solid experience to the project; he is currently the chair of the Digital Media Advisory Committee at Bates Technical College, he started South Sound Audio, which handles audio projects including producing Music You Don’t Have, But Should, and occasionally works as an audio technician at Safeco Field.

He lists a mash-up of musicians – veteran innovators as well as newcomers – who have appeared on the show: Joe”King” Carrasco (“[a] performer from the 1980s – Michael Jackson sang backup for HIM, also I did an interview with him”), Phil Pritchett (“a legend on the Texas music scene”), Psychodots (“a legendary band from Cincinnati”), Wes Cunningham (“now starring in an indie movie, Sironia, sort of based on his life”), actor Ronny Cox (“also a fine musician”), Iain Matthews (“an original member of England’s Fairport Convention, which defined the folk-rock movement”), and the list goes on.

Music producer Andy Hall.

The special two-hour retrospective of Music You Don’t Have, But Should will air on Saturday, April 7th, at 8 pm, and will be available from its website, iTunes, Stitcher, and Because of the length of the episode, it will be available in two parts. Past episodes of Music You Don’t Have, But Should are available on the website, as well as a contact list of every musician and band featured on the show to assist listeners in learning more about them, finding out where they are playing, and where and how to get their music.

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  1. Behind the times here – what is a Podcast in layman’s terms? I think showcasing original songwriters’ music is a great thing – musicians work so hard at their craft & it’s difficult to make it in the business. Every bit of help/publicity can help.

    1. Hi Margie,

      A podcast is a program in digital format that can be downloaded over the Internet. For instance, if you like a particular radio program but can’t listen to it live, if it’s available in podcast you can download it on your computer, on your own time. A lot of podcasts are for free.

      That’s about as technical as we can get…

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