“Found Space” Finds Space for Reading of Chekhov

Found Space theatre group: Trevor Pendras, Olivia Seward, Emily Cohen, Luke Amundson, Ashley Tiffany, Everett McCracken. Photo: Emily Cohen.

A local, independent theatre group, Found Space Productions, will present a fully-staged reading of Nina Variations by Steven Dietz on Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2 at 8 pm at the Live Paint performance space (formerly Toy Boat Theatre). Nina Variations offers 42 short modern variations on a scene from Chekhov’s The Seagull. The company of six actors (Luke Amundson, Emily Cohen, Everett McCracken, Trevor Pendras, Olivia Seward, and Ashley Tiffany) joyfully presents this funny, lively, and poignant little play with 15+ combinations of Ninas and Treplevs.

According to founder and artistic director, Suzy Willhoft, Found Space was established in 2000, “As a way to do plays with Tacoma actors of all ages, an ever-changing ‘company of souls’. We strive to explore deeply, cherishing the joy of rehearsal, and present the works of many playwrights, both well-known and local, using, whenever possible, a site-specific setting. Performances are free of charge and often only given once. Sites have included under the 11th St. Bridge, a truck, a restaurant, a park bench, and an academic office, as well as more traditional theater spaces.”

Performances of Nina Variations are free but seating is limited (not as limited as a park bench, though). Live Paint is located at 1314 MLK Way in Tacoma.

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