Spaceworks Artists: Cakewalk 2012 Needs YOU!


UPDATE: CAKEWALK HAS BEEN MOVED TO SEPTEMBER 15, 2012. _________________________________________________________

Walk the walk for Spaceworks at the August Cakewalk! Photo: Jason Ganwich.

On August 18, 2012, we are throwing a party but not just any party, it is the Cakewalk!  With a goal to raise $5,000,

Spaceworks Tacoma will celebrate all of the outstanding artists and projects we’ve had the pleasure to work with over the past two years. The fundraiser, Cakewalk, is a triumphant return of a much-loved community art event that, in the past, supported Tacoma Contemporary.  (Cakewalk 2004 was an event of the game-changing “Scattered Ephemera” exhibition that put T-town on the art map – check it out here.)  Up for grabs are amazing artwork and fabulous cakes that are art in their own right!

Photo: Jason Ganwich.

Since July 2010, the Spaceworks journey has been nothing short of incredible. In just two years, we’ve supported 26 active projects, 54 art installations, and 100+ events and performances in 22 underused spaces. This year, we incubated two new businesses on Hilltop, Nate Dybevik’s Piano Co. and Fab-5’s Fabitat (who have signed leases with property owners and set up shop) and we’re working to help other projects stabilize while continuing to present quality temporary public art installations.

Thanks in large part to the passion and talent of our participating artists (YOU!), we have supported inspiring opportunities for artists and creative entrepreneurs to showcase their work and further their careers in Tacoma – while making our beloved T-town look gooood…

Will you help to make the Cakewalk a success?  We need donations of artwork and mind-blowing cakes!  If you consider frosting an art medium, then we need you: Collaborations between artists and bakers, and cake-inspired artwork are highly encouraged. We’ll supply the music and fun, integrating performances to make for an event that showcases many disciplines.

These Marie Antoinettes had their cake and ate it, too, at Cakewalk 2004. Photo: Jason Ganwich.

Your support, in whatever form it takes, tells the community, potential donors, and local politicians that not only do our Spaceworks participants believe in our work, but they have also contributed to the effort – your support is a powerfully persuasive argument that proves that this program is, at its core, a collaboration and tool to build community. Let us know how you can help by following this link: Please respond by Friday, June 29. We’ll follow up to confirm. We want you all to be there, so everyone who contributes will get free admission to the event.

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