Fab-5 Celebrates L.I.F.E. – You Can, Too!

Dear Friends, Partners and Families of Fab-5,

Twelve months ago today Fab-5 launched the pilot project FABITAT. Four months ago, with the generous support of our local community Fab-5 made the FABITAT official so that our city’s young people have an ongoing place to gather and grow creatively. Now Fab-5 is entering its next chapter through the 2012 L.I.F.E. Program! 

With nine weeks of intensive arts workshops in Breakdance, DJ, Graffiti Art, Lyricist Lounge, plus our student coordinated Final Jam, L.I.F.E. 2012 is going to be huge; and this summer L.I.F.E. is just the beginning.

Combined with 20 additional weekly FABITAT hours, our summer Radio project on 90.1FM and an innovative partnership with the MLK Business Association to bring over 20 new planter murals along the way, summer 2012 will prove to be like no summer before. 

Of course your involvement means everything. For the 12.5 years that Fab-5 has been active, nothing has been more central to this movement than the support of our collaborators, participants, and community members. As we continue to uphold our service to all youth, providing all services free of charge, we look to you fellow community members, partners, educators, parents, students and families, to welcome your continued support for summer 2012.

If you are a like-minded individual who would like to contribute through volunteering or through the donation of time, money, or even other resources such as equipment, furniture, or art supplies – every contribution big or small would be greatly appreciated. With no full time staff members, all donations we receive go directly toward programming, so support at every level is welcomed, encouraged and greatly appreciated!

 Here are three incredible ways for you to get involved:

1. For more information on Fab-5’s demographics or to support the L.I.F.E. program financially visit here: www.fab-5.org/GIVE
2. To register yourself or a student for the 2012 L.I.F.E. Program, or to find more information visit here: www.fab-5.org/LIFE
3. To get involved as a volunteer, contribute supplies/equipment or even join this Thursday’s L.I.F.E. Work Party, simply respond with a message to INFO@fab-5.org

Thank you for your continued support & we hope to see you this summer at the FABITAT!

The Fab-5 Team
P.S. Spread the word! 
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