Cakewalk Artwork: Chandler O’Leary & Jessica Spring

Artworks for Cakewalk are starting to roll in…We’ll be posting updates until the event, starting with this stunningly appropriate work by Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring. The broadside, called Prop Cake, is part of their ongoing Dead Feminists series, which features quotes by historical feminists, beautifully illustrated and letterpressed by O’Leary and Spring. Prop Cake is inspired by Alice Paul, and is the last available of the limited edition. It is tastefully matted and framed, and is valued at $600.

Prop Cake will be one of many artworks featured at Cakewalk, Spaceworks’ upcoming fundraiser celebration. Party-goers will have the opportunity to buy a ticket to participate in either an ‘artwalk’ or a ‘cakewalk’ ($20 for artwork, $5 for cake), and take home a fabulous piece for dirt cheap – all while supporting a good cause. Help us celebrate the first two years of Spaceworks and ensure its continuation into 2013!

What: Cakewalk
When: September 15, 6pm-9pm
Where: 311 S. 7th Street, Tacoma, WA 98402
Admission: free, all ages, refreshments provided, drinks for sale  (21+)
Live DJs: Mr. Melanin and DJ Broam, performance by the BareFoot Collective. For more info, click here.

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