Cakewalk Artwork: Celeste Cooning, Brian Hutcheson, and Shaun Peterson

‘Wreath’ by Celeste Cooning

We’re running out of days to post artwork! In an effort to show you MORE of the wonderful donations we’ve been getting, we’re upping the ante. Here are 3 artworks that will be available, by 3 very different, very talented artists: Celeste Cooning, Brian Hutcheson, and Shaun Peterson. Get your hands on one of these artworks at Cakewalk!

‘Eagle Chief and Sun Box’ by Shaun Peterson

Cakewalk is Spaceworks’ upcoming fundraiser celebration on September 15. You’ll have the opportunity to buy a ticket to participate in either an ‘artwalk’ or a ‘cakewalk’ ($20 for artwork, $5 for cake), and take home a fabulous piece for dirt cheap – all while supporting a good cause. Help us celebrate the first two years of Spaceworks and keep it going in 2013!

Cake Print by Brian Hutcheson

What: Cakewalk
When: September 15, 6pm-9pm
Where: 311 S. 7th Street, Tacoma, WA 98402
Admission: free, all ages, refreshments provided, drinks for sale  (21+)
Entertainment: DJ Mr. Melanin and DJ Broam, performance by the BareFoot Collective, video installation by Kris Crews. For more info, click here.

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