A Fresh Batch of Cakewalk Artists!

Deeelicious!!! See the rest of this Kris Crews video at Cakewalk!

MORE art is pouring in for this weekend’s Cakewalk! Tonight we spotted Spaceworks loyalists Rebecca Solverson and Sean Alexander applying elbow grease at 311 S. 7th St. and turning the warehouse space into a gritty, loft-like cavern for the Spaceworks fundraiser. There was a lot of flippin’ cool art leaning against the walls that will be up for grabs Saturday night, and the nutritionally-incorrect cakes haven’t even arrived yet. We can’t wait to see those walls quavering with video psychedelia by local master, Kris Crews (and too much sugar).

Art photo by Travis Volk.

We immediately had our eye on a small, mystery-filled photograph by Travis Volk, of a deer caught in the light beams of a car (or a supernatural source).

A wondrous sea creature by Cat Grey.

And Cat Grey‘s exquisite ceramic figure, a writhing, mythological hybrid of goat and sea monster. (Grey is creator of “The Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club” and makes insanely original, charming, plush stuffed animals, with which she composes macabre tea parties.)

Diane Hansen’s plum-and-gray glass cake stand is a fabulous artwork for the gourmet – and this regal beauty is ready to receive an over-the-top cake by Corina Bakery which it will be presented with on Saturday night in a special “Take the Cake” cakewalk (participants must buy both a $20 artwalk and $5 cakewalk ticket to enter).

Wanted: jewelry by Patty Nulph.

We touched the fiery faceted stones on a necklace-and-earring jewelry set by artist, Patty Nulph, and wished we could buy them outright and get it over with. Then we wouldn’t have to think about what to wear Saturday night – or anytime our fashion needs a fresh splash of color.

We finally found Lance Kagey‘s donation – a framed collage rabidly riddled with arcane symbols, messaging – and a huge R that we’re hoping heralds the arrival of the second edition of Rotator, the Tacoma-centric art magazine he produces with Tom Llewellyn. Kagey has also promised to bake a cake for Spaceworks – an edible artwork with a hint of Alice in Wonderland about it. Which goes to show, interesting things happen when guys take over the kitchen…

Riddled with symbols – artwork by Lance Kagey.

What: Cakewalk
When: September 15, 6pm-9pm
Where: 311 S. 7th Street, Tacoma, WA 98402
Admission: free, all ages, refreshments provided, drinks for sale  (21+). Artwalk tickets/$20ea.; Cakewalk tickets/$5ea.
Entertainment: DJ Mr. Melanin and DJ Broam, performance by the BareFoot Collective, video installation by Kris Crews. For more info, click here.

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