Which Spaceworks artist will compete in a reality show?

Stuffed kitten. Kidding! Lovingly cared-for cat by Laurie Cinotto. Photo courtesy of the artist

Word’s out that a Spaceworks artist is going to compete on a new reality show, Immortalized on AMC. Immortalized is no Darwinian teledrama with artists slugging it out for prizes – that would be Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, a cable series in which artists fiercely compete for a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and $100,000 in cash.

Immortalized explores the strange and provocative world of competitive taxidermy. That’s right, a behind-the-scenes look at the passionate detail and artistic expression that goes into transforming dead animals into compelling art. Competitors are asked to create a piece to be judged on three criteria: originality, craftsmanship and interpretation of the designated theme. Whether the artists are known for their classic or rogue creations, each week they will work to perfect this centuries-old art form in an unprecedented battle.

“No Guts, All Glory,”  so the tagline goes.

Immortalized premieres Thursday, February 14 at 10/9c, on AMC. We smell something interesting in the works…

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