Tacoma Arts wins $25,000 InnOVATION Grant

The arts in Tacoma and the Spaceworks program have received a big boost with a $25,000 innOVATION Grant from arts-programming network Ovation in partnership with Americans for the Arts! Ovation developed the innOVATION Grant Program to fund and recognize the impact of artists and the arts in community revitalization efforts nationwide. Tacoma was one of three recipients in the inaugural year of the award; the other two cities are Fort Collins, CO for its Beet Street project, and Lanesboro, MN for the Lanesboro Arts Center.

“[We’re] very excited to be recognized nationally for the work we are doing and look forward to partnering with Ovation TV to continue to spread the word about Tacoma’s talent,” said City of Tacoma Arts Administrator, Amy McBride.

“Cities and towns across the country are inviting arts and culture to the table to define and address civic problems; to inspire, challenge, imagine and build new civic futures; to boost image and identity; to drive revitalization and economic growth,” said Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “Projects, with art at the center, that are both authentic and fresh, are creating jobs, re-activating old spaces, connecting neighbors, increasing tourism, and offering hope as communities look forward. It is time to publicly recognize the best examples of these efforts. Ovation is providing that opportunity.”

In addition to the $25,000 grants, two $10,000 awards were given, to Bethlehem, PA, for Arts Quest, and Washington, DC, for CulturalDC.

Voting is still taking place for the “Viewers’ Choice Award” of $15,000 at http://ovtn.tv/viewerschoice. Americans for the Arts is amongst the most prestigious and influential arts organizations in the country. Congratulations, Tacoma!

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