Zwick’s Bed Dress

Tacomanians gazing in wonderment
Tacomanians gazing in wonderment

“Bed Dress” a sculpture by artist Jennifer Zwick currently rests very comfortably in a Woolworth building storefront window, catching looks of wonderment by daily commuters.  Surrounded by flowing red velvet curtains sits a standard mattress, which sits on its matching box-spring.  In typical fashion, the mattress is covered with a faux silk fabric embellished with ornate floral patterns.  But this usual-type mattress has undergone a fantastical transformation.  From the top of the bed the fabric seamlessly rises up, transforming into an elegant dress.  A matching pillow, lined with ruffles, has also risen up and tied itself neatly to the figures head, becoming an instant bonnet.  The entire device is mounted on caster wheels as if it’s ready to roll out and get on with the day …if it were only that easy to get dressed in the morning! This sentiment is echoed in the artist’s statement accompanying the installation:

“As though life weren’t anxious enough, we’re expected to get out of bed every single morning. But it’s so safe here! No one judging us, a place of comfort; the morning, when our day is unmarred, uniquely filled with the potential of all we might accomplish. Wouldn’t it be easier to avoid the transition from bed to daily life? To simply stand up, already elegantly clothed, and roll away on casters, safe in the knowledge that when our shortcomings grow too tall and our expectations fall, we can just lie back down again, wherever we are. You can’t judge me – I’m still in bed.”

Make sure to visit the Woolworth Windows soon, this Third Thursday will be the final day for the current round of exhibitions.