Minimal White to Colorful Production

“Culture Looming” an installation and performance by Priscilla Dobler, Sep. 1- Dec 19, 2013

Cotton textiles woven by Priscilla Dobler
Tassels hang from cotton textiles woven by Priscilla Dobler

Priscilla Dobler’s installation will begin all white and minimal including two hand woven, cotton textiles.  Over the course of the exhibition the space will transform into a lively, colorful, and productive space.  The artist will be performing in the window October 14 -18, all day and night, with her floor loom and colorful cotton threads. The woven pieces she creates during this performance will be given away to the homeless, available for sale to passersby, or left in the window for the remainder of the exhibition. During the day, the public will be invited into the window to talk with the artist and even buy smaller woven pieces (a percentage of the proceeds would go to a shelter in Tacoma.)

Cotton textiles woven by Priscilla Dobler
Cotton textiles woven by Priscilla Dobler

Here is a section from the artist’s statement:  “Wood, steel, concrete and glass structures provide shelter and protection. There are structural similarities between a building’s foundations and pipes, drains, ventilation system and that of the human nervous system and circulatory system. Besides shelter, humans need clothing. Cotton fibers are used as a means for creating clothing. Cotton, like concrete and steel, protects an individual from rough surfaces, insulates and protects from the weathers element. The designs and locations of architecture, as well as the amount and type of clothing worn, depend on one’s economic, political and social demographics. Clothing and architecture offer a wide range of social and cultural functions. They define an individual’s and a community’s social status. We live in a society where many are unable to afford the important necessities of housing and appropriate clothing. In this work I try to convey these two critical individual and societal needs.”

CLose up shot of cotton textiles woven by Priscilla Dobler
Detail shot of a cotton textile woven by Priscilla Dobler

Come by in October for a visit during Priscilla’s performance.  Or just come by to enjoy the warmth, subtle beauty, and soothing qualities of these woven blankets amidst the often jarring clutter of noises and activity of downtown.

For more information on Priscilla Dobler visit her website