Working Class Theatre this Friday

Zoo Story & Space Puffs!
Friday, November 8th, 7:30pm
3rd Floor Courtroom of the Old Post Office
1102 A St. Tacoma, WA
(evening theatre-goers must use 11th St. entrance)


A reading of Zoo Story this Friday, Nov. 8th at the Old Post Office Courtroom.
A reading of Zoo Story this Friday, Nov. 8th at the Old Post Office Courtroom.

Join Working Class Theatre NW (WCTNW) this Friday evening for their opening event of a month long series taking place in the 3rd floor courtroom of the Old Post Office.  At 7:30pm there will be a reading of Zoo Story, an acclaimed production by the Toy Boat Theatre.  This will be followed by an impromptu Sci-Fi “dramady” titled “Space Puffs!”  Still in the beginning stages of production, WCTNW is inviting writers and actors to join in on this creative work that will eventually be filmed and become a web series.  Here is their call:

“After an explosion on a mining world, 4 surviving space farers discover alien technology! In this riveting space dramady, we explore new worlds and go boldly where no one has bothered to go before.

Writers and actors are needed to develop a live show that will eventually be filmed for the web. This comic send up of science fiction tropes leans heavily on Star Trek, Red Dwarf and DIY production values. Cast- 3W(omen), 1M(an), 1C(omputer), 1R(obot), Unlimited Redshirts. The episodes themselves will be produced and filmed in 2014, and will continue for as long as we can milk the humor.

November 8, 15 & 22- 9pm
Auditions, Improv & Writerly Collaboration
We are looking for actors, writers and studio audiences to join our fun process of creative discovery. The show will feature a reverse gender ratio from the typical sci-fi cast, so geeky ladies are especially encouraged to participate.

( 6pm for writers, 9pm for actors, 9:30pm for audience)”