Rodney Raccoon Receives Grand Prize

Rodney Raccoon and the "Way Out Kids" receive the Grand Prize for their film "Rodney Racoon Goes Green"
Rodney Raccoon and the “Way Out Kids” receive the Grand Prize for their film “Rodney Raccoon Goes Green”

In the short animated film “Rodney Raccoon Goes Green” Sassy the Salmon, and her backup salmon dancers, break into a soulful number that helps educate youth about our role in creating polluted runoff and simple solutions to help.  Rodney Raccoon and the Way Out Kids created this film during their time in the Spaceworks Creative Enterprise program.

This film took the Grand Prize at the 1st annual Puyallup River Film Festival.  The festival saw entries from the Pierce County’s Office of Sustainability, Lincoln High School’s Lincoln Center, the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, the Friends of Fennel Creek, Washington State University’s Puyallup Research and Extension Center, amongst several others.  The audience voted and gave best of awards in four categories including, high school student, college student, governmental organization, and non profit organization.  Spaceworks sends out a big congratulations to Rodney Raccoon and the Way Out Kids for receiving awards for both the non profit category, as well as the Grand Prize!

Here is a message from the Puyallup River Outreach Project on how you can get involved in next years festival:

“We look forward to seeing you all next year at the 2nd Annual Puyallup River Film Festival! For assistance in getting started making your own short film to submit next year, please email the Puyallup River Outreach Project at If you need, we have video cameras you can borrow, and editing software is free on the internet. We will even visit you onsite to provide technical assistance or to discuss your ideas! Get out and film your Puyallup River Watershed!!!”