Breaking Ground on the Salvation Army Neighborhood Garden

Opening this spring!  Volunteer, grow, donate, eat!
Opening this spring! Volunteer, grow, donate, eat!

It finally happened… Spring!  This year, an inspiring new community garden, with a dynamic mission, has begun popping up on the corner of South 12th and Union.  Volunteers have been hard at work: building raised beds, loading in soil, laying down bark, and planning The Salvation Army Neighborhood Garden!


Volunteer, or rent your own plot in the new Salvation Army Neighborhood Garden on the corner of South 12th & Union.

The model for this garden is unique.  Some plots will be for rent by community members, while the other plots will be ran by Salvation Army volunteers and folks whom currently reside in the Salvation Army shelter.  All excess food will go to the Salvation Army food bank, providing fresh/organic fruits and vegetables to the bank and shelter residents.  This gardening effort also coincides with a new program the Salvation Army will offer to its shelter residents including classes on cooking and nutrition.

If you are interested in renting your own plot, volunteering to help with the garden, working in the food bank, or numerous other ways to get involved with this philanthropic program contact Dawn Doyle at 253-278-8178 or Martha Sheppard at 530-277-8696 or Garden Coordinator Heather Wiley at 530-572-8452 x129,