Spaceworks on KING5 News

SpaceworksKING5 KING 5 featured Spaceworks and two of its projects tonight on the news! Justin Kercher, owner of Do The Extraordinary located at 1936 Pacific Avenue, and RR & Darcy Anderson, owners of Tinkertopia located at 1914 Pacific, shared a little about their businesses and experience with Spaceworks.

It’s true Spaceworks participants pay just $1/month for rent, plus they pay  for utilities, insurance and tenant improvements, and they work their tails off going through Spaceworks’ business training program and fixing up vacant storefronts around the city. And most of them are turning into lease-paying tenants after their Spaceworks term, which makes it worthwhile for the property owners to work with us.

The exciting projects of  Spaceworks are making Tacoma an awesome place to live and work!

Special thanks goes out to the University of Washington Tacoma for making these two spaces available to the Spaceworks program in an effort to build community in Tacoma. //