New Video Close Up: The T Shirt Men

Back in April, 2014, brothers Willie and David Combs launched their first storefront business on the corner of 10th and MLK.  They had been running a business for two years out of their home, creating custom heated vinyl transfers, screenprints, and decals.  Then they joined Spaceworks to take their busniness to the next level.  Now rolling strong, “The T Shirt Men” are making sales while working with interns, training youth, and collaborating with the community.  This video takes an in depth look into the dynamics of their operation.

Video by Kris Crews of Crews Photography & Video
Music by Justin Tamminga

Spaceworks Tacoma participants, The T Shirt Men Company, offers custom apparel services in Tacoma, WA, specializing in Heat Transfer Vinyl, Screen Printing and Embroidery.