Five Fresh Artscapes Installations

Five elaborate, new Artscapes installations are activating the old Woolworth storefront windows, and the Tacoma Post Office Building display cases. The artists selected for this round include Sarah Beth Smith, Carla Grahn, Tory Franklin, Deanna Pindell, and Jessica Spring. This marks the 13th round of commissioned exhibitions brought to you by Spaceworks Tacoma.

Here is an overview of the exhibits:

Two of Sarah Beth Smith's large format photographs are set into surreal installations captivating viewers with an unexpected, psychological, and stunning artwork.
Two of Sarah Beth Smith’s large format photographs are set into surreal installations captivating viewers with an unexpected, psychological, and stunning artwork.

Sarah Beth Smith – Dreams / Ghosts 
Woolworth Windows #4 & 5, 11th & Broadway
September 18, 2014 – December 10, 2014 

Sarah’s work depicts subjects she feels connected to personally, set in the often stark and oppressive landscape of her imagination. Deeply inspired by cinema, folklore, fairy tales and fantasy, she creates dream-like images that reflect the shadowy corners of her psyche. Click here to view more photographs by Sarah Beth Smith.

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“Athena’s Bling” includes 14 impressive sculptures of oversized, ornate jewelry.  For a sense of scale, the middle image contains glass doorknobs, and the pink sculpture on the right weighs 80 lbs!

Metal-Urge featuring Carla Grahn / Athena’s Bling 
Woolworth Window #3, 11th & Broadway
September 18, 2014 – December 10, 2014 

About her work Carla states “using elements in ways other than their intended function reflects seeing without restriction, which to me is both liberating and hopeful. This show is ultimately about perception and perspective, finding a balance between the masculine and feminine, and simply trying to make the world a bit prettier place.” “I enjoy the very different parameters and challenges of site specific work, as well as furniture design, so in addition to my sculpture have pursued these throughout my career. I am committed to sharing my skills and have been teaching Creative Metal Working and Welding at Pratt Fine Arts for 16 years, as well as private teaching and consultation.” Visit her website

This exhibit is part of Metal-Urge, Tacoma’s metal arts festival happening this year from October 1st, through November 30th. Get all the info at

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Photo by Tory Franklin
Transparent and opaque cut vinyl, laser cut wood, screen printed plywood, digital print on cut pvc, mylar, and astroturf. Photo by Tory Franklin

Tory Franklin / Six Swans 
Woolworth Window #2, 11th & Broadway
September 18, 2014 – December 10, 2014

Tory states “Grimm’s Six Swans has always been a tale that has resonated with me. As a child the magical transformation from human to swan sucked me in, but revisiting it as an adult the careful patience that the sister must go through in order to save her swan brothers is the alluring part. She cannot speak for six years and must painstakingly weave tunics out of star flowers. When she is accused of witchcraft she remains silent in fear of loosing the chance to change her brothers back to human, yet she continues to obsessively weave the cloth even as she is about to be burnt at the stake.”

Photos by Tory Franklin
Photos by Tory Franklin

“As an artist I can keenly relate to the drive to constantly make in the lonely world of the studio – often wondering why I am pushing myself to exhaustion and unable to articulate why I am chasing an idea in the midst of the process, yet getting up the next day and starting the cycle over again.” Visit her website

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Deanna Pindell’s “Hostage 61”

Deanna Pindell / Hostage 61 
Woolworth Window #1, 11th & Commerce
September 18, 2014 – December 10, 2014

The Woolworth window facing Commerce Street features a complex installation by the talented eco-artist Deanna Pindell. Snapped steel rope, stripped bark, sliced tree trunks, ceramic birds, and numerous other carefully collected objects fill the space entirely from floor to ceiling, creating a visceral and poetic artwork that contemplates deforestation and the manipulation of nature. Visit her website

Detail of ceramic bird inside “Hostage 61”

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Part of the collection on display, matchstick boxes! Mesmerizing, dumbfounding, hilarious… take a close look!

Jessica Spring / Recollection, An Ephemeral Exhibition of Exquisite & Eclectic Ephemera
Tacoma Post Office Building (Main Hall), 1102 A Street
September 18, 2014 – December 10, 2014

Jessica Spring has put together a miniature museum in the Post Office Building lobby. It includes hundreds of letterpress items, and other pieces of eclectic ephemera from her own collection. Jessica has been honored this year with the AMOCAT Award for best “Community Outreach by an Individual.” And things have lined up wonderfully… the AMOCAT Award ceremony and Tacoma Arts Month Opening Party are also happening in the Post Office Building!  You are invited on the evening of October 2nd, 6-9pm to see Jessica’s exhibition, and attend the party, click here for event details.

Her website

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For more information on the current exhibits, or the Artscapes program please contact:

Gabriel Brown
Spaceworks Assistant
desk 253.682.1735