Grand Opening: REVIVE “locally crafted custom furniture”

Grand Opening Third Thursday, December 18, 2014 ~ 5-9 pm, 323A Puyallup Avenue, Tacoma, WA. FREE. Please RSVP to Find the event on Facebook
Grand Opening Third Thursday, December 18, 2014 ~ 5-9 pm, 323A Puyallup Avenue, Tacoma, WA. FREE. Please RSVP to Find the event on Facebook

Spaceworks is excited to announce the grand opening of REVIVE, a new collective of artisans; makers of locally crafted, sustainably sourced, custom made furniture and furnishings. REVIVE is located at 323A Puyallup Avenue in the ground floor showroom of a beautiful old building recently restored by property owners Jori Adkins and Rick Semple. Rick & Jori, now in collaboration with Spaceworks, are helping launch REVIVE.

The beautiful 2,500 square foot showroom, right on the corner of Puyallup and D Streets, is a perfect fit along “Furniture Row” in the Dome district. Coincidentally, the building originally housed a lumber company and then an upholstery business. Image from Google Earth

Here is the impressive list of five local businesses coming together to create the showroom known as REVIVE:

Chris Barone & Mike Carpenter, owners of Alchemy Concrete, use concrete, steel, wood, and reclaimed materials to create one-of-a-kind, artful and functional fixtures and furnishings sinks, counter tops, furniture, outdoor pieces, and more.
Jeff Libby & Adrienne Wicks, owners of birdloft, craft their pieces meticulously – “with the cold ruthlessness normally reserved for hipster designers, and with the ingenuity of architect-craftspeople who understand materials as dynamic forces. And truth be told, we are endlessly transported by the material we work with.”
Steve Lawler, owner of rePly Furniture, creates exceptional, hand-crafted, eco-friendly furniture from reclaimed and salvaged materials for people who are tired of mass produced, run of the mill choices.
Spring Fever is all about taking well-worn vintage pieces and not only restoring them, but bringing them up to today’s design and comfort standards.
Owners Brett Johnson, Jon Sayre and Jeff Wolff, explain Wane & Flitch this way: “Your source for live edge wood slabs and finished furniture. We carefully control the entire process in-house. From salvaging of the tree, to the milling and drying, to the final fabrication. Each piece is incredibly unique and we take great pride in knowing exactly where it came from.”

rePly Furniture, Alchemy Concrete and birdloft were all accepted into Spaceworks Tacoma over the past two years. They have received training, technical assistance, marketing support, and thanks to Spaceworks’ partnership with the property owner, they have also been provided with four months free rent. Spaceworks is proud to support creative entrepreneurs like these as they launch exciting new businesses in Tacoma.