Introducing the Creative Enterprise Class of 2015!

Spaceworks is proud to introduce our 2015 Creative Enterprise participants! Our first training program session last week, Tuesday Jan 27, was a huge success and we’re looking forward to working with such a great crew! Check out the innovative and exciting Creative Enterprise that will hit Tacoma streets in 2015:

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Norris_01Tim & April Norris //Tim + April

Tim + April is a design duo focused on selling art prints, plywood furniture, and wooden toys.  They currently have an Etsy shop that is geared towards the PNW, but would like to expand their market by having a permanent space for production and retail.

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Aaron Hartzell & Devon Urquha  // Electric Glow Studio

Electric Glow Studio is a Tacoma-based artistic duo working with painting, sculpture and photography seeking studio space to produce work.  Their work is currently and will continue to be sold online, but added space will allow them to utilize more equipment, as well as produce a larger volume of work.

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Brock_06Adam Brock & Dewon Tarpley  // Bright, Tacoma

Bright, Tacoma will provide creative space, workshops, business amenities, community engagement opportunities and developmental mentoring. Bright, Tacoma seeks to create an environment where people can enjoy working alongside other committed creatives, learning, collaborating and getting paid doing something they love, by offering month memberships, offices, networking opportunities and gallery space.

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Foster_02Carrie Foster and Bob Jewell // Shroom Brothers Studio

Shroom Brothers Studio is an apparel design company working with fused glass, paper making, and screen printing on re-purposed fabric.  They opened in 2012 currently operate out of a home.  They began selling exclusive at local festivals, but are now in several Tacoma shops.

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Jesse Goodrum & Andrew Nalty // Mountainhouse Productions

Currently operating as a recording studio, Mountainhouse Productions seeks to start an all-ages music venue/cafe in Tacoma. As of today, Mountainhouse Productions is running out of the historic Sound West recording studio located in Downtown Tacoma. Since they started four years ago, they have branched out from doing recordings exclusively, to being a full-blown production company! They produce The Cave Sessions, a monthly series of live, in-studio performances, and hosted a stage at First Night Tacoma, closing out 2014. Mountainhouse has recorded countless albums for local northwest bands, such as Oh Dear!, The Wheelies, Coma Figura and Fantastic Animals.

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Hamilton_02Christian Hamilton
 // Seattle Sound Live

Christan Hamilton, of Seattle Sound Live, seeks to take a unique approach to media coverage, with an emphasis on concert and event writing and photography.  They hope to focus on the foundation and strengthening of the arts infrastructure, while covering both national weekend attractions and local, under-recognized raw talent.

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krEric Nunn // Painter

Eric Nunn is a painter interested in painting a series of paintings of Tacoma- the city in foreground, the Olympics, The Cascades, and Mt. Rainier (historically a much painted mountain) in distance, all of which will be done en plein air.  Eric Nunn is seeking studio space to complete this body of work.

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Hanberg_04Erik Hanberg and Mary Holste // Side x Side Creative

Side x Side Creative is a boutique marketing company focusing on branding and publications for large nonprofits and small businesses.  Their primary income comes from design of publications, books, and printed publications for these businesses, and is currently operating out of a home office.

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steanventGwendolyn Kohl // The STEAM Vent

The STEAM Vent is an organization which facilitates events that engage the community in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  They connect the general public with experts in these fields through presentations and Q&A conversations that last about 60-90 minutes.  The STEAM Vent has been operating in Seattle and Bellevue since July 2014, and currently operates out of coffee shops and bars in the Seattle/Bellevue area, as well as Tacoma.

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NuartHans and Shunte Fleurimont // 
Nuart Media Group

Nuart Media Group is a family run multimedia design company, conceived by a husband and wife team, which started in order to create innovative products that educate and inspire people.  They focus mainly on developing their own, original products (ebooks, decals, stickers, apparel) but also offer design services to businesses and individuals.

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inamorataJayme Lillie and Lija Silvers // Inamorata Studio

Inamorata Studio designs handmade, vintage inspired lingerie and daywear.  Their work is mostly comprised of custom pieces, including performance costume, bridal, unique-to-fit and other special requests.  They currently sell their pieces online, and is operated out of two home-based studios. Inamorata has been featured in several fashion shows, including the upcoming Chance Fashions Lingerie Show!

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Tidwell_01Jen Tidwell
// Tacoma Actors Repertory Theater

Tacoma Actors Repertory Theater (TART) is a repertory theater company with a mission to present extraordinary theatre in an intimate space, emphasizing the use of classical technique, in rotating repertory with a resident company of artists.  TART will embrace music, dance, education, and a wide variety of live performance, while continuing to expand what “Theatre” means and how it benefits the community.

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feralkitchen2Julie and Topher Farrell  // 
Feral Kitchen Co.

Feral Kitchen Co. works in the production and packaging of chocolates, confections and other foods, and is the parent company of Tease Chocolates and Sugar Island Caramels brands.  Feral kitchen Co. also seeks to develop new products to expand into new markets, including their upcoming line, Dark Arts Chocolate.

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Ken Jacobsen
Destiny City Music Collective

Destiny City Music Collective aims to engage the community in music through education and performance. The Collective will focus on collaboration – experienced and novice musicians working together to create, share, and teach various styles and genres.

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Swetland_06Kimberly Swetland & Gordy Lee // 
Mecene International Art Gallery

Mecene International Art Gallery aims to create a gallery space that applies the sharing of art towards maximizing improvements in human and environmental well-being. The curating efforts of the main gallery shows will be based around social and environmental causes to spark community interaction and public interest. They will host the work of local and emerging artists in the gallery space in order to increase local art awareness.

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Mackenzie Putscher // Pepper Pot Cosmetics

Pepper Pot Cosmetics creates handmade, small batch 5-Free nail polish. 5-Free means that the nail polish does not contain: Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.  They are also working on a natural cuticle oil line, a natural essential oil perfume line, lip gloss and other cosmetics that will also be non-toxic.  They have been operating out of a home production space for three years, and currently have work with local salons.

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Mark Tracy // Markart5

Mark Tracy (Markart5) is a Tacoma based artist, who’s primary means of creating art are found in traditional painting methods, and in the formation and practice of conversational theory. The establishment of an operational art studio is a project Tracy has worked on for over two years, and will allow him to expand his practice.

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Megan Shea and Gil Lord // Iris Photography and Multimedia Studio

Iris Photography and Multimedia Studio would initially start out as a personal studio, with plans to expand into a collaborative studio which would double as a hub for other creatives and artists to work, grow and learn. This would be a multi-functional space for personal business, personal development workshops open to the public while also serving as a hub for creatives to meet.

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Michael Laine // International Space Elevator Museum

Centered around the potential building of the International Space Elevator in Tacoma, the International Space Elevator Museum would be a public outreach environment where community members could talk about the International Space Elevator, see videos of experiments, meet engineers, and become engaged in the program. In theory, the Space Elevator is a physical ribbon attached to the Earth, from deep in space, which is then attached to a large counterweight, a satellite.  The spin of the Earth keeps the ribbon tight, and once established, a robot can climb up the tether – into space! With the recent relocation of portions of The LiftPort Group, responsible for the building of the Elevator, to Tacoma, substantial aspects of the project could be build here in Tacoma.

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Shawn Foote, Jim Wellman & Jed Rietz // Fringeshift Studios

Fringeshift Studios is a creative collective, whose goal is is to obtain the creative space to finish their book on developing imagination. They established a contract with Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, and the space obtained through participation in the Creative Enterprise program will be for creating art while also serving as a gallery exhibition space and discussion forum.

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Terese Cuff // Blue Melon Productions

Blue Melon Productions is an animation studio, which seeks to expand to be able to provide both commercial animation, and grant-supported education programs. The education side of the business would provide animation workshops and programs for school-aged students where they could access work space, computers and equipment.  Blue Melon Productions currently works with small groups from local public schools, and seeks to create partnerships with YMCA and Northwest Leadership.

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Timothy Carter  // Nature City Photography

Nature City Photography specializes in urban photography, “capturing Tacoma one piece at a time.” Collaboration with Creative Enterprise would allow Nature City Photography to do production and product design for their customers, as they have outgrown their current home office.

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Shawn Cole, Giselle Lorenz Brock & Stephanie Raven West // Alchemy Studio

Alchemy Studios strives to deliver high quality dance and performing arts instruction (modeling, theater arts, cheer, circus arts, music) in a fun and disciplined environment.  They will provide a nurturing yet challenging atmosphere that will propel students to reach their potential as dancers and performing artists, as well as individuals.  They seek to create a facility that can house a variety of arts and entertainment classes with the goal of then providing performance opportunities to students.

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Ryan_06Shay Ryan // Kiddos & Kin: the music, movement & ‘magination studio

Kiddos & Kin: the music, movement & ‘magination studio is a children’s music center focused on fostering young children’s artistic growth and strengthening the bond between caregiver and child, and is an expansion on an existing Kindermusic business.  This studio will include many types of early childhood enrichment activities geared towards ages 0-6 and their caregivers, including music, creative movement, art exploration, sign language, family yoga, storytelling, drama and more.

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Tawni Bell // Bellini Folk School

Loosely based on the model of the Brooklyn Free School, The Bellini Folk School strives to be a community center that supports individuals and families to pursue their interests in wellness and creativity, engage in higher learning, and teach passion projects by providing affordable space. The space will also offer open studio time for individual or group projects. The creative and adult education classes in this space will range from DIY/craftivism and special interest to social justice and community awareness.