The Monkeys are Out! Well, Goats Rather… and Sheep!

a kiln full of monkey shines! Made by SPUN
A kiln full of Monkey Shines made by Spaceworks participants SPUN Clay Arts Studio & Gallery

The monkeys are out!

This year (year of the Goat/Sheep) the infamous, super-secretive, coveted, and competitive Monkey Shines project included over 3,000 art pieces of many mediums hidden all over Tacoma for anyone to find. In the past, a majority of the pieces were handmade glass, and letterpress posters. This year saw the addition of  numerous other mediums from various groups around town. Spaceworks is at liberty to share at least one of those… SPUN Clay Arts Studio & Gallery. SPUN made vibrant, glazed ceramic pieces embossed with a ram’s head (pictured above). Look for these around town, tucked away in nooks and crannies. Many already have been discovered, but no doubt some still remain at large.

Two examples of what you might find, and where you might find them.

Because the project has existed for twelve years, and gone through all the signs of the Chinese Zodiac, it just may be the final year. However, rumors already are spreading of similar projects popping up.

For instance, if I were you, I would look along the 6th Ave. business district this Saturday (2/21/15) for some very interesting, locally made buttons…