1120 Art Walk Features Organism-X



A group exhibit by SOTA

Part of the Art Walk at 1120 Creative House
Third Thursday April 16, 2015, 5-9pm
1120 Pacific Ave, First Floor

The School of the Arts (SOTA) presents Organism-X, a series of 8 intricate drawings based upon a project given in Biology classes. Students studied the physical characteristics and habits of animals from the Pacific Northwest. They then selected two different animals and combined them into a single species. Each drawing also includes patterns used to embellish the surface of the animal, and each animal is interacting with a piece of discarded trash tossed into the environment.

Framed prints will be for sale.

Participating artists:
Lucy Ahn – Bird with Antler
Eve Robinson – Snake
Emily Miller – TurtleDactyl
Marlies Amberson – Fox
Ellia Coggins -Snake-ephant
Rose Davis – Teddy-Boar
Mackenzie Casper – Octopus with Fork
Talmon Glidden – Sharkopus