Teacher Fair by Bellini Folk School

Bellini Folk School, a participant of Spaceworks Tacoma, is an upcoming community space for artists, facilitators, and groups to gather, work and/or offer classes in health and wellness, art, hobbies, and personal enrichment.

Bellini Folk School cordially invites all teachers, facilitators, and instructors to it’s first ever Teacher Fair.

Bellini Folk School Teacher Fair
Wednesday, May 6, from 6-8pm
Cafe Brousseau
 2716 N 21st St, Tacoma, WA

How do you know if you want to come? If you have a skill, passion, hobby, or special interest that you would like to offer as a class, group, or nerdfest then you should come and check it out. Examples of such things include, but are not limited to:
Alan Moore-Wizard Warrior, all styles of yoga or pilates, sewing and/or fabric arts, The Social History of Jazz in the PNW, Book Club-”The Secret History of Wonder Woman”, and Ladies Night-a casual, non cheesy, and safe support group for female identifying folks.

Please RSVP: bellinifolkschool@gmail.com
Any questions can be sent to the same address or you can message Bellini Folk School on Facebook.

About the school:

Welcome to Bellini Folk School! IMG_1070

We believe that communities thrive when individuals and families have space to pursue what makes them happy. We believe that teachers should be trusted and compensated for their passion and skill. We believe that individuals and families should have access to these teachers. We believe that community learning should be easy and affordable.

Come find your space at Bellini Folk School.